Rule the kingdom

 Rule the kingdom v5.04 MOD APK FULL DATA FOR ANDROID

Mod Futures
Unlimited money

Rule the Kingdom is a game for a wide audience. There is RPG, farm, and town planning here. Everyone will find tasks to their liking! In the story, you got a dilapidated kingdom and constant attacks from enemies. Your task is to return prosperity to the kingdom and create your own army to repel all attacks!
So, we create a hero, and to him our own army of worthy warriors. Develop your kingdom, which provides the army with everything you need - build fortresses and fortifications, houses for residents, grow food, create workshops. Develop and improve, find artifacts and use magic items to enhance the power of your army.
Crush your enemies in battles, conquer new lands, expand your empire and prove that you are the wisest warrior and ruler!

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