Occupation 2.5

 Occupation 2.5 v2.4 MOD AMMO /MONEY

Occupation 2.5 is a classic action game for android, the actions of which will take place from a third person. The game's plot begins with the discovery of an ancient alien artifact. After activating this artifact, a giant alien ship appeared in Earth's orbit. Chaos fell on the earth, many people began to turn into zombies and monsters. The government of most countries has entered into a conspiracy with aliens. Take control of the main character of the game and try to survive in a new world filled with monsters and monsters, and also try to correct the mistake of scientists. Explore the huge world of the game and complete numerous missions while destroying zombies, mutants, night zombies and anomalies.

Download link ➡️Occupation 2.5 mod apk 208MB

Download link 2➡️Occupation 2.5 mod apk 208 MB