Dead Space HD Support Android 11


Dead Space -Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of science fiction. Are heart wrenching events in space, with exciting gameplay, with high-quality graphics and rich sound accompaniment. It is a masterpiece, which arrived on Android platform.
The game is based on the eponymous cinematic masterpiece is an application included in our world is based on the Android platform: replicant, who founded a new era in mobile gaming technology.
Plot: hostile space, where you'll deal with a parasitic life form-Nikromorfami: This human corpses, created by Obelisk.
The Obelisk is imposed hallucinations people, turning them into the living dead — Nikromorfov; spreads like a contagion; affects the psyche of people — player.
The Purpose Of: transform the Space in one field is dead.
The purpose of your:

Have iron nerves and be a genius space war tactics and strategy;
Return the Obelisk to their home planet aegis-7;
Save Space by devastation.
Thanks to the most complex regime survival, full audio support and realistic visuals, the game immerses the player in the absolute reality Nikromorfov.

intuitive — it focuses on the actions of the player;
in six different circumstances;
with a simple sliding your fingers across the screen.
Weapons (from the new): Plasma Sword; The three arms of the unknown world Nikromorfov.
Do you have enough spirit to enter into the world of Dead Space?! Then, welcome to space war, fear and death within a given gaming application Dead Space!

Mod Futures
Unlimited ammo

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