Ninja's Creed v1.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Ninja's Creed v1.1.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Size: 127 MB +
Version: 1.1.2
Android: 5.0 and Up
Mode: Offline
Genre: Action
Developer: 707 Interactive

Ninja's Creed is a fun free real 3D sniper killing game with different types of killing weapons. You will experience very strong shooting experience and amazing 3d graphics. You need to hide your identity, secretly eliminate criminal gangs, interfere with underground deals, or kill the top leader of the crime squad, become the king of every territory! Destroy them all! This is the No. 1 which combines the elements of a Ninja assassin in 2020. Lock the target and end crime with arrows, become the invisible protector of the city! Be a hero, you are a skilled shooter!

📍 Gameplay:
● Track targets, disrupt underground deals, and complete assassination missions
● Use Eagle-eyed to lock onto targets
● Help the organization to eliminate enemies and earn your rewards
● Aim and shoot, get rid of the criminal leader and end the crime in the city
● Manage your territory, protect citizens, and get the taxes you deserve
● Claim prizes, buy powerful weapons
● Unlock the talent system, improve skills

📍 Features:
● Free epic action game with ninja assassin elements! You can play it without paying!
● Top cool game graphics, beautiful 3D characters and cool maps, surprising slow motion shooting.
● Amazing game design and level design, experience the real assassin ninja career.
● First-person perspective, smooth motion animation, delivering non-stop action experience.
● Various powerful weapons are available to use, such as bows and arrows, twin bows, hidden weapons, and so on, create your arsenal.
● Rich gameplay and modes, such as main story, hunting list, daily task, dominator, armed conflict, bounty hunter and so on. You won't stop playing.
● Use Eagle-eyed to help you lock on targets in missions.
● Unlock talents to improve skills and increase killing power.
● Eliminate the evil gang, become the king of the region.

The Development Team perfectly combines various elements such as ninja assassin, action shooting, and this unique assassination action archer game called Ninja's Creed was born, you can call it a bow game, arrorw game, assassin game, 3d shooting game or cool fps action game. , both are ok! Easy to play, uses new arrow slowdown special effects technology, which gives you a different shooting experience every time you shoot. Ninja's Creed is definitely the first-person bow and arrow action game you'd expect. As a ninja shooter, you not only need shooting skills, but also get powerful weapons to increase your strength. We chose a different weapon this time except for weapons, although there are no weapons in the game, you can use unique weapons to get a special gaming experience. Use your weapons in a sensible way and improve them, eliminate bosses as a bow master! Choosing the right weapon for various tasks will help you complete the task faster! Aim at your target, become the archer king!

Experience this free and cool archer game now! Become the top dominator of the region, guard the city and justice! Aim and shoot, destroy them all!


What's New:
* Added a gift package in the shop, big discount, don't miss it!
* Added cross-chapter weapons that are not limited by chapters, enrich your arsenal now!
* Optimized shop UI, more compact and beautiful shop!
* Added many in-game languages!
* Optimized beginner tutorial, easy to play!
* Optimized eagle eye, improve gaming experience!

What's Mod Apk:
Unlimited Money 


1. Download game files (APK + OBB);
2. Install APK;
3. Unzip the folder with OBB to android / obb;
4. Open the game and have fun!